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Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Interview with Sheila Jane Teaching: Essential Technology Tips for Teachers

On February 7, I had the fabulous opportunity to be interviewed by Sheila Jane Teaching! This video is the product of a spunky, charismatic West Coast girl and a passionate, technology-infusing Midwest girl. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!  


Sheila recently launched her brand new website for teachers that is completely centered around helping teachers teach happy, live happy, and be happy. Sheila exudes happiness and positivity, and so does her website. Teachers: go check it out and consider getting the VIP membership. You won't regret it. I am so honored to have been interviewed by her.  She has interviewed Greg Smedley from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Amanda Nickerson from One Extra Degree, Christina DeCarbo from Sugar and Spice, need I say more????  Not to mention, she interviewed my best friend and queen of interactive notebooks Angie Olson last year. You can follow her You Tube channel to make sure you don't miss any of this goodness. An interview with One Fab Teacher, Miss May, will be live in March. She is truly fabulous and you will want to make sure you watch her interview! She has some great videos on Classroom DecorationsClassroom ToursOrganizing Student Work, and more!

  • Be sure to visit George Couros' blog, and follow him on Twitter @gcouros. I've said it before, but George has been the single biggest influence on me as a professional and educator. If you have a few more minutes, watch his TEDx Talk too. I promise you won't be disappointed.
  • You can read more about the Great Egg Test by reading my blog post and watching our movie trailer here.
  • Learn more about Remind and how you can start incorporating it in your classrooms to keep the learning and conversations going at home.
  • We have made several movies and trailers using iMovie. It is hands down one of my favorite apps for student creation. Here's the link to my blog video newsletters. And, here's the link to our Hobey Baker campaign for our friend and UND hockey goalie Zane McIntyre.
  • If you're interested in incorporating the Audioboom app to improve your students' reading fluency, you can read my teacher tutorial on EdSurge.com. 
  • Here's a great resource about the Explain Everything app. And, here's an Explain Everything video a student made this year. She took a picture of a problem in her math book, and demonstrated her understanding using the app. We know speaking, listening, and explaining understandings are huge in the common core. This app helps teachers and students bridge that gap.
  • Here's everything you need to get Kahooting! 
  • Interested in learning more about the SAMR model? Kathy Shrock is an excellent resource for you! 
Digital Citizenship is something I am extremely passionate about. If we block students from everything, we may be protecting them temporarily. However, when teachers teach students about their digital footprint and give them tools to use in real life situations, they protect students for a lifetime. Thus, after some collaborating with Jen Jones, a new product for Teachers Pay Teachers was born. I think teachers want to talk about Digital Citizenship with kids, but they might not know about the tools that are out there. I have been using my product, in addition to the videos found on Planet Nutshell. My product includes 7 posters for your classroom with teacher minilessons and turn and talk discussion suggestions. It also has a letter for parents, 2 student readers, differentiation options for intermediate learners, and a certificate of completion. After using my product, the work really begins. Students need to be given real world opportunities to begin building their digital footprint. My product simply helps stir up the discussion and lay the foundation with your students. Sheila and I decided to host a giveaway for my new product, and we would love for you to win a copy! Here are some sneak peeks for you! Make sure you scroll to the bottom to enter the Rafflecopter! Good luck! 

Kayla Dornfeld
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  1. I loved your video! It was very informative! I am going to start doing blog newsletters with my students!

    1. Whoot whoot! You will love it, and so will your families!

  2. Do you have a release form that you use for your blog newsletters and for twitter?

    1. Hi Brittany! Yes, I sure do! What's your email address so I can hook you up? Thanks!

  3. So you know I totally fell in love with your interview with the fabulous Sheila! I just love your enthusiasm about technology. I'm so going to use remind 101 for more than just books are due or library is tomorrow. Lol Love you sunshine!!

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  8. I love the Digital Citizenship product! What an awesome idea! :) :)

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